Ripe Banana


Using the selected word “Breakfast” from my original project (see image below), I set out to make a light-up banana that is off when closed and turns on when open.

By peeling back the outer layer, the inner banana is exposed and the light turns on.


to get the banana to glow when it is open I created a circuit using conductive thread and a zipper pull. When the zipper crosses over the path of the conductive thread it send a signal to ground which then turns on the neo-pixel strip.




This is the type of glow that I was going for, unfortunately, once the banana was stuffed and the neopixel strip was pushed to the top surface the individual pixels became more visible. I tried diffusing the light by turning down the brightness of the pixels as well as adding additional layers of fabric in between but neither seemed to do the trick.

I had a lot of difficulty figuring out the code to turn the strip on and off. Those neopixels are smart and then need to be told what to do in a very specific way. Thanks to Richard for all your help.

I would like to animate the strip to do more than just turn on and off, I tried used bits and pieces from the strandtest code to add to my code but I couldn’t quite figure out how to declare these new functions in the scope.


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