Secret Mat

At first, as Lusha knows a creative invention called “makey makey” for a long time. She wanted to use the makey makey to make a virtual keyboard with mat.

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For example, people can use the foot to tap the message and send to other people secretly, without any people knows in the meeting setting.

Or student can use them in the classroom, they can send some text to their friends to complain when they think the class is so boring.

And Becky let her to consider about which situation is the best after the meeting. After discussing with her teammate-May, they decided to choose the classroom as their object.

The following cartoon can show when our user`s condition very well~


Now, we need to choose what thing can be used for this project. As makey makey can only be use with the conductive things. Shoes can`t be conduct! Unless bare foot.

As Becky suggest to use the capacitive or resistive sensing pad that acts as a keyboard for discreet use in a classroom. After searching the information, we think capcitive is better!

Make an oversize plush game controller that actually works! Use conductive fabric and a Flora board to stitch up a capacitive touch sensing circuit. The controller acts like a computer keyboard, allowing you to play all your favorite old school games on emulator sites online.

Here is the example,

We need to figure out the specific tasks to let our project more interesting!

Lusha and May~ Mua Mua!

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  1. I think it would be interesting for you to choose a few messages/emoticons that the mat can create, so it only has a few foot pads. You can use the example you found to create the circuit with conductive fabric, and it can act as a USB keyboard for a tablet, computer, or phone. Can’t wait to see the video! =D

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