Andres Iglesias Final Project: Speaker

Hi all!

For my final project I have been playing with the idea of designing a BlueTooth speaker system for cel-phones. I have been thinking of doing a project like this for a while now and with the skills I’ve been learning in class it finally seems like I will be able to actually make this concept real!

The idea is to design an open source speaker system that can be housed in different forms, giving the user the freedom to chose what this speaker actually looks like. For my model I will design and build the form of my speaker, however I want the set of instructions to be clear and simple enough to allow someone else to build and make their own out of whatever they want.

The speaker will work using BlueTooth to receive the signal from the phone, and I want the user to interact with it with tapping or sliding motions by using touch sensors.

The size of the design itself will be determined by the electronics that need to fit in it, however I want it to be small enough to be able to be moved around easily.

I will upload my doodles soon!



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  1. Hi Andres,

    Are you thinking of building a shell/controls for an existing bluetooth speaker? what other bluetooth speakers are out there that informed your research? what parts are you thinking of using? Right now your proposal is very vague. Who is your user? What challenges are you designing around? Everyone is expected to bring a rough draft of their tutorial text and in-progress physical objects to class on Tuesday.

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