Balloon Clock

My project is an alarm clock that uses a popping balloon as an alarm. The clock will use Arduino and probably programming to control the air flow that will pop the balloon.  Here is an example of a project using some of the same components I need to use.


The clock will be able to show time as a normal clock, but when the alarm goes off it will being a popping balloon instead of an alarm sound.


3 thoughts on “Balloon Clock”

  1. Wait. Are you making it your mission to completely freak Andres out for the balance of the semester? After all his hard work on the exhibition? He won’t sleep again until Christmas.

  2. This is such a cool idea. What technologies are you thinking of using to make your clock? What mechanisms for controlling air flow have you researched? What questions do you have? Your proposal is underdeveloped. By class next week I’d like to see a mechanism that blows up and pops the balloon. Do different balloons take different amounts of air to pop? How do you keep the balloon on the stand? What will the stand look like?

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