Attention Bag/ Pant Pocket

Ever have a problem in public where you can see a guy checking you out but he is on his phone and cant seem to break away to talk to you?


Why not end the conversation yourself rather than walk away, or wait like a desperately awkward person.

2004-05-06_men_talking copy

This signal jammer is a hackable bag or pant pocket that uses a simple piece of conductive metal ring on one’s finger (this can be made by HWNY and cherished) to complete a circuit between two studs on the bag or clothing to turn on the arduino to power the phone signal jammer in a discreet manner without alerting attention to ones illegal activities. The Bag is women and the pant is for men.  But these gender roles can be easily swapped. 

Author: Heath Wagoner

Most of the times I make jewelery or food, sometimes I just make a mess. Kale enthusiast.

One thought on “Attention Bag/ Pant Pocket”

  1. Hey Heath,

    While this would a novel use of the cell phone jammer, i don’t see the opportunity for you to design something new in your proposal. Building your own cell phone jammer, while possible, is extremely complicated:

    buying jammers is easy online (they have to be shipped from outside the US because they are illegal to use). Perhaps you have an innovative way to activate the jammer? That would be the crux of your project, and it is as of yet undeveloped. Please update your proposal with more information on the activation mechanism.

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