Ready, Set, Go – Switch Project – Chelsea Stewart

I tend to leave the house and get to my destination without everything I need for the day. I will forget seemingly simple things like my keys or wallet. But, I plan on changing my forgetfulness and creating a new way to keep track of my belongings before I leave, so I can become a bit less forgetful. My project Ready, Set, Go is a new way to keep track of your belongings when at home or in the office. By connecting to your belongings with copper tape and conductive materials, each belonging you need to reminding of. So for example, you are always forgetting your favorite pen, comb, or glasses. This product its adaptable for your needs. Looking forward, this project would be able to expand into multiple avenues of reminding needs. A great example of its future scale would be the new key finder tile.
IMG_4721 IMG_4735 IMG_4737 IMG_4748 IMG_4774 IMG_4782 IMG_4786

Author: Chelsea Stewart

I am studying Graphic Design at the University of Central Oklahoma.

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