Ready, Set, Go – Switch Project – Chelsea Stewart

I tend to leave the house and get to my destination without everything I need for the day. I will forget seemingly simple things like my keys or wallet. But, I plan on changing my forgetfulness and creating a new way to keep track of my belongings before I leave, so I can become a bit less forgetful. My project Ready, Set, Go is a new way to keep track of your belongings when at home or in the office. By connecting to your belongings with copper tape and conductive materials, each belonging you need to reminding of. So for example, you are always forgetting your favorite pen, comb, or glasses. This product its adaptable for your needs. Looking forward, this project would be able to expand into multiple avenues of reminding needs. A great example of its future scale would be the new key finder tile.
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Chelsea Stewart – Night lite

For me this was a project which was adapted and reconstructed several times. My first several ideas where over complicated. My final idea is composed of going to back to the parameters of the project and focusing on the necessities. This is a concept for a revolving nightlight. I was able to construct it from laser cut plastics and leather. The leather was wrapped around the inner cylinder which was designed to rotate inside the blacked out box. The box has a slight opening cut out from the bottom corner. Once the night lite is placed on it’s side it is able to cast the shadow of the laser cut pattern on the surface.

Chelsea Stewart

Hello! I am Chelsea Stewart, I am originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I just recently graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma, with a BFA in Graphic Design. I love to make things and experiment with building new design narratives. I spent the summer working with frog in Austin helping with design research, visual design and client relations. I played soccer in Europe for several years after high school, so it goes without saying that I am an avid soccer player, but I am also an active hiker, swimmer and dog lover! Here is my portfolio if you would like to learn more.


Also, this is Pico, my 4 month old puppy! I hope I can make cool dog stuff for her at some point in the class.