Final Project Ideas: wearable design

Visualize Tiredness1


Visualize Tiredness2

This is a Project I did last year. I tried to visualize the tiredness of our body. Based on research, for the people who always sitting in front of computers, they’re highly suggested to stand up and do some office exercise to keep their neck and backbone healthy. A lot of people know this but they always forget or too lazy to move their body.



There’re bubbles place on the suit. The bubbles will be inflated in 15 minutes to remind you to take a rest. The inflation of the bubbles show how tired your body is. When the bubbles are all inflated, you need to push out the air in the bubbles. Based on the gestures of office exercise, you’re taking office exercise when you try to reach a bubble.

Cat pad

The second idea is a reminder for people to take a rest from the computer. Inspired by the cat-pad, the bubble is place in palm. And your fingers cannot reach the keyboard any more when it inflates.

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