Toddlers!! Arduino voice or audio activated robots.

I want to make robots. Everytime I desribe Arduino projects to my family and friends they always ask me” oh, like a robot?” So this projects seems to make sense. I also am excited to see my baby toddle and these are inspired by her.

My preliminary sketches are rough but I believe could be beautiful in the end. It seems to me I can have an arduino, a bread board all the circuitry, a couple servos to move the wheels and a power source on a platform or encased within a cylinder. The hope here is that when you speak in a low menacing tone the toddler would back up away from you and if you used a sweet and encouraging tone the toddler would approach you.

The wheels would have a shape unlike traditional wheels to give the movement an awkward and bumpy movement not unlike a child learning to crawl or walk.

Im not sure if the audio sensor can be programed to react to different frequencies or if it would just be volume.



After having done some basic research on the SERB I wondered if this would be a decent kit to hack?

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 8.24.21 AMawesome!

who else is programming robots?? Adam Fujita would like to work with you…