RE – Inflatable Vest




Office workers are constantly hunched over their laptops and computers for long hours every day. This causes back pains and bad posture. The Inflatable Vest is an interactive reminder for people to correct their bad habits. Every 20 minutes bubbles will inflate, forcing the user to stretch back and manually deflate the bubble. This makes users engage in a short break to exercise their muscles and stretch out the back.


Inflatable Bubbles

Micro water pump: CS1730PW, DC6.0V

From McMaster-Carr:

Tube 1/16 ID: 51135K12

Tube 1/8 ID: 51135K15

Checking valve: 2987K45

Tube barbs: 53415K281

Reducing Connectors: 5463K47

Disposable Finger Cot: 5291T6

Rescue tape:…

Vest Part

Silicon film (3 ft * 2 ft)

Rubber wire: (Found in Michaels)

Arduino Part

RTC Timer :

Aduino uno


Laser cutter

Make the bubbles

DSC_0019 DSC_0016

Cut the finger cot to the size you want.

Bring two tubes with 1/8 ID (One short, one long), 125psi checking valve and 15psi checking valve.

Tie with rescue tape. Make it tight so air will not leak out.

Make 5 more

Make the inflatable system

DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0010 DSC_0011


Build up the inflation system as the picture shows. Use reducing connecter to connect 1/16 ID tube and 1/8 Id tube.

Connect air pump to tube barb with the 1/16-ID tube.

*For all the connections, their ID must be matched up.

*Pay attention to the direction of checking valve

Test the bubbles with Arduino 

After wiring all the components, connect the Arduino to your computer or a 9V battery to power the pump. If your balloon is not inflating, check over your wiring.

When the balloon is inflated, turn off the pump and squeeze the balloon. Check if the air could leak out from the checking valve. Check for any air leaks in the checking valve.

Keep pumping up the balloon to test the 50 psi valve. If the air pressure in the balloon is under 50 psi, no leaks should occur. If the air pressure is over 50 psi, air should start to leak out of the valve.

*The instructions above show how to make the inflatable unit. You can try to design your own structure (provide suggestions or examples.

Make the vest

IMG_3327 DSC_0140 DSC_0154 DSCN9124 DSCN9126

In this part we’re going to make the balloons wearable. You can either buy a vest/shirt or make one by yourself.

Cut the silicon into two 2 ft by 1.5 ft pieces. Using the laser cutter to cut out the pattern.

Connect the silicon pieces together as pictures show.

Paste the Inflatable Part to the vest. What did you use to paste them together.

I also add EL wire to the vest to make it look cool.

Arduino part


Picture of Arduino part

You can edit the inflating time (pumpTimeron) and restart time (pumpTimeroff).

In my coding, the default time is:

pumpTimeron: 1 minute

pumpTimeroff: 15 minute


Final Project Ideas: wearable design

Visualize Tiredness1


Visualize Tiredness2

This is a Project I did last year. I tried to visualize the tiredness of our body. Based on research, for the people who always sitting in front of computers, they’re highly suggested to stand up and do some office exercise to keep their neck and backbone healthy. A lot of people know this but they always forget or too lazy to move their body.



There’re bubbles place on the suit. The bubbles will be inflated in 15 minutes to remind you to take a rest. The inflation of the bubbles show how tired your body is. When the bubbles are all inflated, you need to push out the air in the bubbles. Based on the gestures of office exercise, you’re taking office exercise when you try to reach a bubble.

Cat pad

The second idea is a reminder for people to take a rest from the computer. Inspired by the cat-pad, the bubble is place in palm. And your fingers cannot reach the keyboard any more when it inflates.

Switches by Qi


I always wear hair band and this is how I tie them on my head. So I am wondering maybe when the two end reach each other it’ll switch on something.


Inspired by the witches’s orbs, I want to make a switch that when your hands get closed to it, it will turn on. And the light would be bright when you get closer. Feels like magic~

IMG_2032 IMG_2034

IMG_2106 IMG_2036

Nightlight by Qi


The design is about the process of a silkworm turning to a butterfly and escape away from the cocoon to your room. (So there’ll be a invisible butterfly in your room).


I was supposed to use a motor to make it work but failed to slow it down. No matter what measures I tried the motor just rotated at one speed or didn’t move at all. I still don’t know why. I’ll put my test model here latter, anyone have any ideas please leave a note here!!

Nightlight Ideas by Qi

The first idea is about a sensitive heart. The heart flickers slowly when turn it on. As you walk closer to it , it’ll interact with you and response to your coming by flicker more quickly. Feels like it is nervous to meet you.




2nd idea is inspired by silkworm. At first it is a worm , and then it’ll grow up in the cocoon and fly away. So when  turn on the light, there’ll be shadow of a worm and it is growing up. At last it’ll escape and left a empty cocoon, light off.



The mushroom idea is inspired by the night forest in Avatar. So I want to make a mushroom of Pandora. I also want it to feel like a really plant which can interact with people, such as change color when people touch it.

ss4     Nightlight-Avatar

Winnie’s Car ~ Tear down (By Qi)

Here’s the thing I found~~~ a toy of Winnie the Pooh. Though it looks ugly it can do many things as the video shows: shining lights, singing awful songs and escaping away from the shots. So!! I can’t wait to tear it down!!!!


I pulled Winnie off his car.



4 led lights and their control element.


The switch of the toy.




p6 p7

Mini motor and its transmission system.


Main board.


p10 p11