Nightlight Ideas by Qi

The first idea is about a sensitive heart. The heart flickers slowly when turn it on. As you walk closer to it , it’ll interact with you and response to your coming by flicker more quickly. Feels like it is nervous to meet you.




2nd idea is inspired by silkworm. At first it is a worm , and then it’ll grow up in the cocoon and fly away. So when  turn on the light, there’ll be shadow of a worm and it is growing up. At last it’ll escape and left a empty cocoon, light off.



The mushroom idea is inspired by the night forest in Avatar. So I want to make a mushroom of Pandora. I also want it to feel like a really plant which can interact with people, such as change color when people touch it.

ss4     Nightlight-Avatar

One thought on “Nightlight Ideas by Qi”

  1. Hey Qi, nice sketches! For this project we are just focused on the light and not as much the interaction, so think in terms of a simple light turning on and off. We’ll to touch sensing and LED animations in future projects!

    With that in mind, I think your second idea is the most feasible. I think you’ll have a fun time experimenting with diffusion techniques to achieve a silhouetted silkworm, which can perhaps be removable from the cocoon?

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