Teardown: The Late Edition

Breaking down this LG Dumbphone with my Tekton Small Electronics Repair Kit was a fantastic peek inside the black box of mystery and an exercise that really had me intrigued. What is this magic that ruled my life in 2005; this mix of plastic, aluminum, steel, copper, glass, and conductive tape, that is printed, pressed, pulled, stamped, cut, glued, and screwed into a plastic-injected, machine-milled, (wo)manhandled package?


Well, the answer is simple: my favorite phone of all time.

But now you ask me why?

Maybe it’s the sexy Qualcomm RFR 6500 Diversity Receiver?


Or this sweet LED?


Perhaps this LG PCB SUB Flex Cable?


Or the MV8652CAB Logic Board?


Well, no. It’s actually the exterior control functions that I loved the best. I mean, can you resist a touch screen that only exists for the novelty, and could barely register a finger at full tap? Probably not. But if you can, I’m sure that the landscape-intuitive photo button that encouraged proper video capture will steal your heart.

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