Heads up!

For my final project, I’d like to make a hidden Nerf/disc gun in an enclosure that looks like a speaker box. The speaker box would be able to shoot the disc and send audio, particularly to shout “Heads up”.

I have a few ideas of how/when to activate the gun and sound:

  1. Random!
    1. Shoots, then says heads up
    2. Heads up, then shoot (normal case)
    3. Shouts heads up, but nothing shoots.
  2. Productivity tool – monitors computer usage
    1. Spend too much time on Facebook, get shot
    2. Ignore emails, get shot
  3. Messaging – incorporated into Slack/Messenger
    1. 2 people can shoot each other
  4. Serious version… Shoots every time there is a gun death in the US
    1. Uses an IFTT to a website counter for gun deaths
  5. Nearby activated
    1. Add in sensor to shoot when nearby


Depending on the activation method, the internal sensors will change. However, first step will be to create mechanics to shoot discs. I am planning to take apart a toy gun like below to utilize the mechanics and set it up into the enclosure and activate from arduino. Most likely a servo motor to activate a trigger/spring.



I will also need wave shield to generate audio inside the enclosure.

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