Secret Garden-Manako’s proposal for final project

My final project will be on the same trajectory as the stroking porcupine, my last project.  Using a capacitive sensing system, I want to create a vertical garden that represents one’s emotional wall.

Everyday, in our interactions with others, we gauge/warm up to/distance/trust/close off/let in others.  Similarly, pods of grass loosen/appear with a nice gentle stroke and hide behind the  with hard slaps.


  1. Build a 12″x 12″ frame for a “wall” that stands upright
  2. Make a square insert of grass that would become the capacitive sensor
  3. Run conductive copper tapes in the back of the square and fill with dirt&grass
  4. Complete the circuit by connecting the copper tapes to Arduino shield
  5. Determine whether it’s a slap or a stroke by measuring the length of the touch with capacitive sensing grass
  6. Use a motor for pulling in the squares of grass when they’re slappedgrasstrolley


Grass wall retracts:










Still need to define how to make the grass square slide back and forward (servo? belt?).










screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-12-16-22-pm     11435a12p1-h02d-abbr