Where are all the Adyas?

I have a couple of ideas as of now and I am still unsure which one I would go ahead with. But I want to do a project connected to the internet and use servo motors to have some mechanical action. Here they are:
1.”Where are all the Adyas?” clock:
This one is inspired a bit from the Weasleys’ clock from Harry Potter which shows at a glance where all members of the family are. I have wanted to do this project 6-8 years ago when my mom would call me, my dad and sister always asking if we had reached school or office and if we had lunch. So my idea for this project is to have three sections on a “clock” named “work/school”, “home” and “elsewhere” and have four hands for each member of the family. The circuit looks for the location or each family member using their smartphones and using IFTTT, triggers a servo motor to move the hands on the clock to the appropriate location. I also want to add a way to let my mom know that I have had lunch/dinner. I haven’t quite figured out this part yet.
Here are a few links that I looked at for inspiration/tutorials:
2. 360 timelapse rig:
I want to create a camera rig to capture 360 timelapses of an object over time, like a flower blooming or food decaying (example). I would use the arduino and a servo motor to move the camera physically one step at a time based on a pre-decided interval and depending on which camera I am using and its battery life, when the battery is at 15%, it sends me an email/SMS to change the battery. Building the camera track I think should be relatively easy for me since I have built one in the past. But I am unclear how difficult or easy the arduino bit would be in this project.
Based on which project I decide to go ahead with, the parts I require will change. But I would definitely need a WiFi shield and a servo motor (may be more powerful than the one included in our kits).

Author: Smruti

Student at SVA, New York