Final Project Proposal: The Word Clock


I researched on different ways to make this!

Approach 1 :

1.Use realtime breakout board kit that allows your microcontroller project to keep track of time even if it is reprogrammed, or if the power is lost.

2. Use Normal super bright white LEDs and resistors and solder them separately.



Approach 2:

Just use Neopixels and Arduino and 2 push buttons to reset time. No realtime breakout board needed, which will then be a bit slow and I will have to reprogramme everytime I put it on!

I am planing to put it up in the studio where everyone can see the time, so I think I should use the realtime breakout board!

But all the instructions to use seem extremely complex to me and also I have not ordered it from adafruit.

So I need to use:

  1. Neopixels
  2. Arduino Board
  3. Realtime breakout Board
  4. pushbuttons (may or may not needed)
  5. Hardware to make the clock itself


I would need a little help on this in tomorrow’s workshop!




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