This is my version of the WORD CLOCK that uses Neopixels and Real Time Clock Module.

It changes the time every 5 mins and shows different colors at different times of the day.

This is a simple yet elegant clock to gift to someone or have it on your desk.

It is extremely simple to make.

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Final Project Proposal: The Word Clock


I researched on different ways to make this!

Approach 1 :

1.Use realtime breakout board kit that allows your microcontroller project to keep track of time even if it is reprogrammed, or if the power is lost.

2. Use Normal super bright white LEDs and resistors and solder them separately.



Approach 2:

Just use Neopixels and Arduino and 2 push buttons to reset time. No realtime breakout board needed, which will then be a bit slow and I will have to reprogramme everytime I put it on!

I am planing to put it up in the studio where everyone can see the time, so I think I should use the realtime breakout board!

But all the instructions to use seem extremely complex to me and also I have not ordered it from adafruit.

So I need to use:

  1. Neopixels
  2. Arduino Board
  3. Realtime breakout Board
  4. pushbuttons (may or may not needed)
  5. Hardware to make the clock itself


I would need a little help on this in tomorrow’s workshop!




Real Life FLAMES

FLAMES reminds me of the game i used to play with my classmates being a back bencher!!!


Player 1 : holds the wire

player 2: holds the wire too…

The FLAMES machine gives a random generated color, that corresponds to different letters!

Here is the process:

It uses Capsense library to make 2 wires capacitive sensors. So when 2 people touche the wire it triggers the NEOPIXELS to animate and randomely generate the 6 colors!

The Final working :

Cheers! Enjoy the game!


Little bundles of Joy

My idea of a plushy is a iron-man hand which diffuses  the light from the center!

Here are a few images of the explorations i did.

I plan to put a LED strip inside so that the light diffusion is uniform.

Also, below is the circuit diagram for the same.




1st steps



WIP prototype


Light diffusion through material
LED soldering experimentation



Hi ! I am Sherlock, the Snowman

Once upon a time, there was a family on the North Pole. The family had 2 sweet kids!

They made a snowman one day and named him Martin. 

The snowman was so…. happy that he had such lovely kids playing with him.

One day, a thief Broke-in the house and stole a lot of precious items along with the kids’ x’mas gifts!

The kids were very sad and dint come to play with the snowman for a lot of days. He started worrying about them.

So, he decided to find the thief himself. The thief came once again , but this time Martin was ready for him. he followed the thief and the thief dint have the slightest of idea, because the snowman dint leave and footprints, so he dint know that h was being followed!

The snowman caught the thief, summoned him in front of the family, made him return all the stolen goods. the children named him ‘SHERLOCK’

Now the children are Sherlock are back having fun!