Radiantly Clutch.


My two words I chose at the beginning of this class was camouflage & luggage tags. I am choosing to go with luggage, dropping the tags, and create a glowing mohair bag. 



But in my research I found a glowing bag was already on the market. 



I know everything has been done before, but I think i have a better idea with creating a mohair clutch that you can throw into any bag and take it out when going to a dark bar or club and have a nightlife light. 



I would like the bag to grow brighter the more you shake it.  The sparkle dress code, might be the way to go with this project. What are your thoughts? 

– Brandon

2 thoughts on “Radiantly Clutch.”

  1. Are the mohair bags pictured in this post your creations, Brandon? Your idea is solid, and yes the accelerometer is a great way to detect the amount of motion (vs a switch that can only tell if there is movement or not). Are the lights on the outside of the clutch to illuminate the inside of a bigger bag, or are the lights to illuminate the contents of the clutch? Will the user be able to adjust the color of the lights for different looks or brightnesses?

    About the lights getting brighter the more you shake the bag: are the lights to show how much fun you’re having dancing, or to light up your bag to find your keys, perhaps when you haven’t been dancing for a while? Think about that interactivity, and make sure the action matches your concept.

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