“Automatic” Fuzzy Night Sky


I’d like to create a picture of the night sky. The material inside the picture frame will be fuzzy. Everytime someone passes by, the stars will “automatically” twinkle.  Maybe I can include a little jingle that plays in a 10 second loop as well.

Author: George Crichlow

About Me: I am a Strategist interested in the relationships between people, culture and technology. My ambition is to create products and services that have commercial and cultural impact.

One thought on ““Automatic” Fuzzy Night Sky”

  1. What’s the ideal setting for this wall-hanging? In a gallery, in a child’s room, in the kitchen at PoD? What materials are you thinking of using to create your piece? I could see you going down a quilting route, a needle-felting route, or even a papercraft route (remember you have to use some sewing). To sense folks in front of the picture you’d probably want to use a proximity/motion sensor (Leif might have some as well): http://www.adafruit.com/products/189

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