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The word that I’m continuing to use is “Party Favor”. Taking from the last project and the idea of “connection” , I want to create a life size plushy nightlight. My proposal is to create a plushy that can light up if you press or hold their hand. I also want to take it outside and have it be sensitive to touch and pressure so it’s heart or head can light up. I have been working with a plushy called ” Big Head” for the past few years. My interest is to provide comfort and joy through the physical connection that we had as kids playing with our stuff animals. 

Here is a picture of ” Big Head”


2 thoughts on “Make It Bigger”

  1. When you say “life size,” do you mean the size of a human? Augmenting “big head” with electronics is a great idea for this project, building on something you’ve already been thinking about for a while. You can use velostat in the hand to sense if its squeezed, and diffuse the lights in the head, or heart, or wherever you’d like them. I’d like to see you tell the story of this toy’s use more, however– who is using it, and why?

  2. By life size I mean “child” size. I want to make an installation with a “adult” size one time soon. However for this project I am interested in the interaction between children and how the comfort and safety a plushy can give. My intended audience would be children from 5 -12 of age. I am also thinking about going into the fields of sexually abused children, sex education, and children suffering from some kind of trauma. I would like to explore the power of human touch and how it shapes our experience.

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