Lumi Lock VIdeo

Here is my video introducing “Lumi Lock” a light/lock messenger bag, that highlights safety and convenience. It comes with a comfortable padded nylon strap and LEDS all which you make by clicking on the Instructables link found below.

Here is my link to my Instructables.




Here is my link to the Lumi Lock video!


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“Be seen” concept

For this project I will be looking at 2 cultural lifestyles to promote and investigate the concept of awareness. The artifact will be a leather bag that will activate a set of bicycle lights, by using a chain bicycle lock.

I am looking at two types of bags and mixing the cultures for function and style





I have also identified two audiences. First is the daily fashionable commuter and the second is the messenger biker.




I will aslo provide customization of the bike lock similar to this already existing bike lock. I will do this by having an open source pattern tutorial.


I want to design for Transitions, which are based on these design principles.

Promotes ease of dynamic activities

Speaks similar language to core activity

Actively Informs the user of its function and properties

Potential bike lights




Further exploration of connection is needed, however the goal is to create a smart which  that would be activate the lights by locking the chain lock to the bag.


“Be Seen” Video

“Spark” serves as a multi-functional bike lock and bag that lights up people’s curiosity and awareness of their environment.







Script for “Be Seen”

“Be Seen”

By Miguel Olivares

Scene 1


Wide angle

Male enters screen to unlock his bicycle.

(Upset for having a long day)

Close up

Bike lock and lack of light,

Wide angle Zoom out

Male places bag down, and starts to unlock the chain.

(struggles becomes frustrated)

Wide shot

Places bag over shoulder, as he gets up he gets bump by female.


Wide Shot

Female exits screen (Annoyed), Male one follows


Scene 2


Wide angle

Male enters screen to unlock his bicycle.

(Upset for having a long day)

Close up

Bike lock and focus on red light,

Wide angle Zoom out

Male places bag down, and starts to unlock the chain.

(struggles becomes frustrated)

Wide shot

Places bag over shoulder.Female enters scene before bumping into him she notices the light.

Close up (Top to Center)

Female face down to bike lock on bag

Wide Shot

Male and Female begin Conversation.

Female: “Almost didn’t see you”

Male: “ I glad you did”

Female smiles

Male: “ Want to grab a drink?”

Female (Enthusiastic romantic) : “Yes!”

Female and Male exit screen (Happy), Male in foreground showing product


storyb 2

story b1

Turn on: Plushie “Big Head” project

My interest for this project began with exploring how touch can bring so many emotions and physical reactions. I see my Plushie in a child abuse center, were this might be a prop to mediate a conversation about abuse. I also see this plushie as a prop for sex education and seeing how touch can cause arousal in the sex organs, which can include the brain. This plushie is activated by pressing on the right hand, which activates a LED light near its “private parts”. Ideally I would like to place LED lights in its head, and/or heart that would light up when you hold its hand. Another idea was to have it activate it’s heart, when you kissed it.

I began with a reference plushie that I have been working for some years.


I continued with the firewalker code and with the help of my colleague Jung I was able to get this code to work. After I tested the prototype circuit, I was ready to make my plushie. The plushie is made out of Green and blue knit, Flora board, Velostat, LED, and wire.

DSC_0604 DSC_0606 DSC_0687 DSC_0688 DSC_0692 DSC_0696 DSC_0697 DSC_0707

After several attempts, I was unable to get the plushie to work with the battery pack. The only way it would stay on and activate the LED would be if I had it plugged into my computer. I decided to continue the plushie and tested on a male and a female volunteer.

DSC_0708 DSC_0715DSC_0714DSC_0716 DSC_0718

In these two cases I had the volunteers touched the plushie on its right hand, in order to activate the LED.

I had different responses, the most interesting coming from the female which asked “why it light up there?” Her expression was of distaste or hesitance, however she was a great volunteer and continued with the process.

What I learned is that touch and how it’s given is very significant in generating emotions. The location of the light was deliberate but I did not expect the various reactions to its placement. They ranged from humor to discuss of the location of the light. I also learned that placement of the “squeeze” is very important, and that my placement of it didn’t correlate my message.

I would like to experiment with different locations of the LED and there intensity. I would also like to place the activation point in different locations and see how individuals reacted.

Make It Bigger

The word that I’m continuing to use is “Party Favor”. Taking from the last project and the idea of “connection” , I want to create a life size plushy nightlight. My proposal is to create a plushy that can light up if you press or hold their hand. I also want to take it outside and have it be sensitive to touch and pressure so it’s heart or head can light up. I have been working with a plushy called ” Big Head” for the past few years. My interest is to provide comfort and joy through the physical connection that we had as kids playing with our stuff animals. 

Here is a picture of ” Big Head”


Chameleon Scarf test

I ended up doing the Chameleon Scarf demo since I had sewn in the Flora color sensor. I added and sewed in another LED so it can register and show the color the sensor read. The connection was strong, and the light was able to pick up 2 out of the 5 test. Some of colors weren’t strong enough for the sensor to register and convert the colors into.

I will try to work on the accelerator, since it won’t register any data now. I’m trouble shooting.

here is the screen shot of code for the Chameleon scarf.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 5.33.40 PM

Here are the successful test from running the program. I did understand a bit more of the conversations. Like sum can be written like + .. we learned this during class, but it clicked more during this test run.

DSC_0306 DSC_0307 DSC_0309

: )