Project Proposal – Flash light

My word was Halloween and Animated Gif, but I wanted to change my word to Flash Light.


It would be made with soft material on the outside, so when I squeeze the handle, the light gets brighter or dimmer depending on how much pressure is being applied to the handle.

It’ll need some sort of structure inside to hold the led, arduino, and battery, and the fabric will act as a diffuser for the bright led.

One thought on “Project Proposal – Flash light”

  1. Very literal and yet super fun idea! You could use laser-cut wood or chipboard inside your flashlight as a frame, then clad it in stuffing and fabric on the outside. Velostat or felted stainless steel fiber is great for sensing squeeze, and you could put a few of your NeoPixels up front for the light. Think about how to focus that light, though, not just diffusing it with stuffing– look at commercial flashlights for inspiration.

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