Last week my prototype was a glove for Christmas. The main problem was difficult to attach lights into the glove which I really expected to.


So after gaining so many valuable suggestions from the class, I began to do my second version of glove for Christmas~

I brought my light and went to a fabric store to test different texture of fabric I want (because the light can not be seen clearly, obviously in black fabric). Luckily, I found this one.

I started to make it after reading and watching some pictures of river glovers.

I drew the size glove according to my hand, I tried to make it larger, but after sewing two pieces together it got much smaller than I expected.

Here’s the process.IMG_5022

The mistake I made during the process is that I closed to pieces so early that I didn’t sew the rest part well.

SO here is my completed work~ It’s too tight for me though it’s cool~~

I think people who go to clubs regularly/ love fashion /kids would like this!


Special thanks to Hannah, Tzu-ching and Zihan!!!


  1. the photos with the dragging lines are incredible!
    the hand has become the paintbrush, i need to do one!

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