Grizzly Plush Night Light

Final Design

Wait for it…..

Intended User: Child who is naughty

Purpose: To be a night, ugly looking toy for small children who do not listen to their parents with regards to their cleaning habits or are extremely naughty. The parents can use this ugly toy to give the kids an image of what would happen if they did not follow their hygiene well and did a lot of mischief. The Grizzly has a broken tooth , a band-aid and some filthy spots on the face. The tongue , the teeth , band-aid and eye light up.


The process began with figuring out some of the ugliest / scariest shapes for kids. Then I hand cut the wool for the body of the grizzly. Since wool does not diffuse light, I had to cut out small holes in order to propagate light. After that, i stitched the two patches and filled it with poly-fill. Then, used the poly fill to hold the led circuits within.

Circuit Diagram: