Onigiri Mausu Plush Night Light


Have you ever been fast asleep, deep in REM cycle 3, and had to wake up to go to the bathroom?

I personally do not have this problem, but my younger sister does. Unfortunately for her, the hallways in our parents’ house leading to the bathroom are dark and super scary at 3am in the morning. It’s an old structure with colonial architecture, just the type of space you might find in a horror movie featured on Friday the 13th.

It is with this intrepid, early-morning bathroom goer in mind that I have designed the Onigiri Mausu (Onigiri for short). Our little Onigiri is made of a soft plush fabric and is perfect for cuddles. He is shaped like a cute little onigiri rice ball, one of my younger sister’s favorite snacks. His cute pink ears light up to illuminate the way to the bathroom and is perfect for navigating spooky hallways! With the soft blue and green glow of his transparent pink ears, along with his soft cream body, Onigiri is sure to be the best companion for those late night or early morning trips to the potty.


Evolution of Onigiri patterns
Onigiri and his ancestors

Onigiri, in his current form, is the seventh generation of his people. His ancestors were smaller and made of rough scrap felt and linen, with lopsided hand-sewn ears and bodies. Over the generations, Onigiri has been refined by his creator, who selected only his best features. As his pattern was expanded, he was able to grow almost 3 times in size. The roundness of his forefathers was sculpted into his current triangular form. Probably, the only thing that is the same about him is his ears, which remain as delicately puckered as those of the progenitor of his people, albeit updated with professional machine stitching. Five patterns and seven prototypes later, Onigiri Mausu has emerged as the most sophisticated being of his kind.


Though Onigiri is the most advanced version of his species to date, it is important to note that he is still wired the same way as his progenitor. Nevertheless, Onigiri remains the best yet!