Hi, I’m Erika

Born in the concrete jungle of New York City and raised in sunny Singapore, I had quite the culture shock starting my undergrad at University of Virginia in Charlottesville VA. I got a taste of many different majors but was never able settle on one path. After discovering that I could hack the system by creating my own major, I applied to graduate through the Interdisciplinary Majors Program and designed my own undergrad career. My thesis work centered around an arts-based practice on the self and the categorization of identities.

Fast forward to today, I’ve adopted many identities – from professional dancer & choreographer to creative director at digital design. I love anything related to the mind-body connection, cooking (& eating of course), and the woods.

I’m psyched to make things with my hands, learn about circuit boards & code, and create funky products.

IG handle: @erikachoe

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