Jabra Pro 9400 Duo / Mono Teardown – Yukti Arora

The Product : Jarba Pro 9400 Duo/ Mono

The Product

For my teardown, I got the Jabra Pro 900 Duo/ Mono, a wireless headset that enables employees to take calls from their mobile, desk and softphone all with one headset. 

It uses DECT technology to provide wireless talking, just like landline cordless devices, allowing users to move away from  150 meters/450 feet away from their desk without dropping the call. These headphones are designed for call centers or office purposes. So  great about this headphone is that it can work with multiple phones. 

The Teardown : 

The Teardown.

1. The headset stand, which has a monochrome screen, had covered screws and after finding the right screw driver, the Torx T6, I opened back to reveal a circuit board. 

The headset stand revealed a circuit board.

2. Then I moved on to the headphones,  for which I tore apart the two cushioned sides. Which further revealed three more screws, which were Torx T3 screws. 

3. On  the non headphone side, I saw that it had a magnet behind. I further learnt that magnet here help with the speakers. 

4. On the other side of the headphone where, we also had a speaker mic, the headset also had lithium batteries, copper wires and a part that helped with the rotational adjustment of the speaking area. I learnt that the copper wire is voice coil. It acts as an electromagnet for whenever the current passes. 

The copper wire, which acts as an electromagnet for the headphone speakers.

Tools used to open the part. 

1. Torx T6 & T3

2. Flathead 1mm

Materials that were used in this headset : 

1. PVC , through injection moulding machines.  

2. Rubber

3. Artificial Leather

4. Memory Foam

5. Copper wires

6. Circuit Board

7. Metal Charging plates

8. Wires

9. Screws

10. Silicone screw covers

11. Sealing wax etc.

What I loved about these headphones is that the headphones stand, also serves as a charging device which makes it easy for the user to worry about, running out of battery, unlike even some very expensive models, where you have to charge the headset separately. This device felt very similar to the cordless phones and the way they  charge and the designers here probably took the inspiration from there. 

Thanks for reading. Hope you got to know a little more about wireless headsets used in settings where the job is to be on the phone all the time. 

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