Final Project Proposal

For my final project I am tossing us either further develop my door bell or starting with a new idea.

1 – The new idea – Physical controls for a digital world.

This idea adds physical elements reminiscent of the typewriter to the laptop. Intended for writing, the physical interface slows down the writing process and forces us to move.

This project would require an Arduino capable of inputting information into the computer, such as the Arduino Mini. I believe this is called a gpio breakout board. When pulled the level would trigger a switch and trigger the return key of the computer.


2 – The old idea – Ding Dong Knock Knock Door Bell

As there is limited time to refine the project before needing to produce a video and instructable I may be better off refining my door bell this would include.

  • Connecting it the internet and use IFTTT to trigger an email when the door in knocked
  • Miniaturising the circuit to fit within a case. This would allow me to create a instructable article around a more refined design.


Knock Knock Ding Dong Door Bell

The ‘Knock Knock Ding Dong Door Bell’ is an innovative switch that activates your home doorbell when someone comes-a-knocking. The current prototype is a working proof of concept that utilises an Arduino with wave shield to play the bell sounds and a piezo as a vibration sensor to detect knocks.

Future versions of the Knock Knock Ding Dong Door Bell will text you when someone knocks on your door and you are not home.

Knock Knock Ding Dong Door Bell. Coming this Spring. US$95.00




Homework – Innovative Switch Final

Create a blog post for your final switch prototype including description, final photos and process photos to the course blog by 8pm this Wednesday.

The final Arduino prototype does not need to: fit inside your model, be soldered or be miniaturised.

The critique this Thursday will focus on the interaction between you and your switch. So focus your efforts on refining this!