IoT Exercises pt.2 & Final Project update

IoT Exercises pt.2:

Fail to blink the led with Neopixel, I don’t know why. Only the led can be lighted up. And for the lesson 6, I don’t have enough components.

Final Project update:

Inspired by the project above, I want to make a table lamp. It’s a bit hard to sketch the idea, so that I made a simple paper sketch instead.

When people touch the center area to turn it on, the light effect will be like water waves, as if a hand touches the water surface.

Bill of Materials:

  1. Neopixel ring (3 different sizes)
  2. Neopixel strip
  3. Touch sensor
  4. Copper foil

Circuit & Arduino code(unfinished):

Susan’s Final Project

1 The first idea is make a physical clock that could help me visually follow my 8 hours diet plan. I am thinking about to change my old IKEA clock but also could planning to make a new one.

2 I am so bothered by the cat pee issue, trying to find a way to solve this problem. I haven’t figure out what is the possible method/sensor to make it work.

3 A mirror that could help me on the time management/distraction issue, if I pick it up too many times in a period of time, then it will give me some visual feedback.

Qiting’s loT exercise & final project

Final project design concepts:

1)Water surface lamp. Touch the center area to make a little wave on the water surface.
2) Whac-A-Mole game. The lights pop up at random, points are scored by whacking each light as it appears. The faster the reaction the higher the score.

3) I want to make a bingo game for people to pass time in the elevator. The game board is hung in the elevator and people can light up the LEDs by touching it. The player who succeeds in placing three of their marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row is the winner. There will be a voice coming out “BINGO!” when someone wins the game.

Sketches of Yiwu’s final project

1, This is a small lamp for long-distance couples. There are two in total, each of which has a PIR sensor. When it feels someone in the range, the other one’s light will turn on.
So we can connect two people in this way.

2, This is a monitor worn on a hat. I choose on my mobile phone, it can express my emotions on my behalf. Such as being happy or surprised. I don’t need to talk. I can always play on the phone.
This will look very cool. Be like I don’t want to talk to you at all.

3, Or I can make some improvment on the cloak I made for Halloween…

TOYL – Task Tracker

Don’t you just hate it when you’re planning to work or worse, are in the middle of a work session and a notification comes in on your phone—a “quick check” becomes hours later. 

Also, do you know how much time you work on certain tasks in relation to the time you have allocated for work per week? 
Enter the TOYL Task Tracker. It enables you to switch off your phone and focus on work, while simultaneously enabling you to set up the amount of time you’d like to work per week—say 60 hours—and the tasks that you’d like to get done. When you sit down for a session, you get an idea of how much time you have left for your overall work. The Tracker has two modes: Timer, where you’ve preset how much time you’d like to spend per task per week, and Stopwatch, where you can simply start-stop the timer after selecting a task.  


  • Feather Huzzah
  • FeatherWing
  • Male header pins 
  • Female header pins 
  • 500mAh battery 
  • Stranded wire 
  • Pliers 
  • Breadboard 
  • Opaque acrylic sheet 24”x18”
  • Access to a laser cutter 
  • Vector software


Link to instructable


Laser cutting process



Initially, I wanted to make the enclosure using foam core. I’m glad I managed to get out of my comfort zone and learned how to use the laser cutter. My reason for this project was to create something that I could use to better manage and track my workflow in my graduate studies while minimizing distractions. In the future, I would like to put more time into completing it.

Mia’s final project”sleep tight” alarm o’clock

open the voice!!

Sleep tight is an alarm clock to help you sleep well.

The principle is that you can set the sleep timer on the app when the time comes, the whole device will be bounce, and the lights will blink from weak to strong because of, and the red threads will also be influenced by the beating of the heart. So at that, As the sleep time is set, the heart’s lights will become brighter and more flickering. This method is used to disturb the user’s earlier sleep。

The reason why I choose the human heart is that sleep late is terrible for people’s health. If you sleep late, it also will give your heart burden, so I use the direct method to raise people’s awareness.

Another point is that your light will be still bright before you go to bed until you put your phone or electronic device on the sleep alarm clock so it will push you to sleep early and achieve your goal. (after you place your phone on the device, the light of the device will turn down)

Wen & Baoqi’s final project – “Speak up” Wall Lamp

What’s this?

Do you know surveys about our fears commonly show fear of public speaking at the top of the list? Our fear of standing up in front of a group and talking is so great that we fear it more than death, at least according to some surveys.

This “Speak Up” wall lamp uses a microphone to detect your volume when you are giving public speaks and will trigger a simple LED light visualization that helps you to understand the proper volume you could use during the speakings. Also, you can practice/rehearse your speakings towards the lamp. The aim of the lamp is helping all of us to be a more confident public speaker with a clear voice. In this tutorial, we will be discussing how to create your own full-sized “Speak Up” wall lamp powered by Arduino.


Picture of Step 1: Download & Cut Files
Picture of Step 1: Download & Cut Files

Picture of Step 2: Sand & Prep Parts
Picture of Step 2: Sand & Prep Parts