Bethany’s Final – Motif: The Motivational Clock

The purpose of this clock is to send motivational messages to the user at set intervals throughout the day or week. It also allows the user to share motivation and positivity with friends and loved one through the simple push of a button. It has a very simple physical form that is sleek and modern, so that it can fit in any environment where you might want to have motivation on hand such as home or work. It’s constructed of acrylic and wood veneer, which makes it lightweight convenient to use. Future iterations of this project would include a speaker and soundboard that would allow it to play uplifting music while sending motivation.

Xiaohan’s Final Project-Crystal House

Couples and families who are separated due to long distance often feel the longing for connection. Crystal House is built for couples and families to connect with each other through lights. Crystal Houses are connected with wifi signals. When you press the button on one Crystal House, the other Crystal House’s lights receives the signal and will be turned on.

This whole project is hand crafted which gives the project uniqueness. Crystal House is timeless. The outside structure is made from wood and decorated with plastic crystal. It has a minimalistic structure and also very colorful at the same time. You can easily recharge your battery is it dies.

Process Photo

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Regena’s Final Project – The “Money” Button

The “Money!” Button is an Internet of Things device designed to make saving toward a goal as easy as pressing a button while creating a sense of joy, excitement, and badassness. Saving can be difficult and often requires a significant amount of self-discipline. The “Money!” Button’s goal is to flip the way people think about saving while developing confidence and empowerment in the process! When one would like to deposit a predetermined amount of money into the predetermined savings account on Qapital, all one needs to do is hit the “Money!” button. The reward for taking another step toward the saving goal is Cardi B’s voice chanting “money” from her hit song, “Money”. Upon hearing this, the saver will feel a sense of pride and confidence, knowing that they are one deposit closer to being as rich and fabulous as Cardi.

The “Money” Button is completely 3D printed and contains an Internet of Things circuit, complete with a Soundboard and speakers. The button top is a rounded egg form that ergonomically fits right in the palm of the hand, which, when coupled with the firm spring action, makes it a satisfying button to press. This button prototype is a minimalist grey, which contrasts with the technicolor image of the celebrity whose voice chimes out of it. This contrast is intentional, as it reflects the nature of saving: boring at first glance, but quite extraordinary once you get the hang of it! Further iterations of the “Money” button may feature more eye-catching exterior aesthetics, a variety of sound effects, and the option to be mounted on a refrigerator with magnetic feet.





Fortune Machine Instructable

The Fortune Machine was created to bring a bit of mystery and magic into the day to day.

Let your fortune take you on an adventure.

This NYC Fortune installation uses a touch sensor to trigger a thermal printer that reveals out your destiny. What awaits is a magical tour around New York City.

In the future, I would like to have the inlay light up and take it out for its first installation in a park.

Shuyi’s Final Project Proposals

Mechanical animal

I would like to use the Pepsi cans to make a mechanical animal and put the Led into one of their spine,wings, ears or tail. I want to make one of these parts live, it means maybe I can use the sensor to let the spine, wings, ears or tail move, then it can control the Led.

We can use the rest of the cans for redesign, making full use of the metallic characteristics of the cans, so that people can re-recognize such products, which can also be put on the market for production, promote consumption, and I also can couple with the function of induction lamps, consumers will be more, it can also be used as a light, it must be very cool!

If it is difficult to realize, I can make it as the physical movement. By the way, the shape of the animal will not be too complex!