Innovative Switch

oh boy here we go!

I’ve always had running nose problems since I came to NY due to the seasons. So then I realized what if I can measure the temperature from outside with buggers. I sculpted a nose and programmed my arduino to be temperature sensitive. This is how the nose works: When the bugger is blue/ Frozen the temperature is lower than normal in the room. And when it turns the color to yellow then it’s warm again.

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After a discussion with Becky, I have decided that a 1/2 scale plush Richard made from laser-cut  stacked slices of felt could be a really interesting project. In a follow up post I will talk about the viability of making the head a proximity tracking & turning head.

In terms of aesthetics & form language I am thinking of Antony Gormley meets Mark Jenkins.

The style and ‘creepiness’ of both these artists is really well balanced. I hope to push the creepiness but in an artistic way. Things like scale, materiality, posture and gesture will all play a part in this.