Project 1: Awkward Musical Instrument by Samantha Moore


The Thighbraphone is a two piece instrument worn on the thighs, an area everyone loves to touch and have touched. I focused on the definition of awkward as “lacking ease or grace” and chose a material that is rigid and I have little experience using – metal. The lower interior of each piece is padded with foam tape to cushion those smaller lower thighs. If you do a lot of squats, this can easily be removed to fit your gams.


Each piece of the Thighbraphone is pulled up the legs to rest above the knees. The instrument can make different sounds by being played in different ways: scraping the front with the metal wand, walking or moving to shake the bells or clamping the inner thighs together to slam the cups. You could even do a combination of these moves for a whole range of unique sounds, or grab a friend to join in on the fun!

In keeping with my upcycled ways, I used a lot of materials that can be found including baking cups, duct tubing and a metal skewer.


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  1. Goodness, I can’t stop laughing at the wonderful absurdity of this. Put this on your Etsy store already! (And watch your popularity SKYROCKET. Or plummet.)

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