Project #1 Embroidergram


For Project #1 i have created what I like to call the Embroidergram, derived directly from my mashup of Embroidered + Telegram.  Although it seems very straightforward, having never embroidered, nor sent a telegraph, I was at a bit of a loss.


I was easily able to find out how to embroider, and found these two YouTube videos to be very novice friendly.  Video #1  Video #2.

I came across this telegram which was sent by Mark Twain the morning after his obituary was posted in the NY Times.  As the story goes, he sent this from his hotel in London to his editor in New York.  In todays age this probably would have been Tweeted.  I thought it fitting for my telegram.

Final Steps
How does one properly display embroidery? My thoughts were it looks the best stretched in the hoop.

There she is… I was happily surprised with how this turned out.  One last iteration would be to sew the edges up a bit, but I wanted to get this up for you all to see before I potentially ruin the work.



2 thoughts on “Project #1 Embroidergram”

  1. I would love to see a Tweet version: “@NYTimes: The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated,” signed by @MarkTwain!

    Nice work with the Western Union word mark.

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