Project 1: The SigniStamp by David Hu

Key words: camouflage + fax machine replacement
Materials used: acrylic, rubber
Tools used: Lasercutter, wet-sand sanding paper, utility knife, epoxy glue, ruler
Skills learned: Lasercutter software operation, setting up thin pieces for cutting, basic interaction design (app schematic), basic history of name stamps
Plan to do more: Lasercutting and rastering, learning more about software/interaction design

Author: David Hu

Industrial designer, specializing in consumer packaging and culturally inspired designs

4 thoughts on “Project 1: The SigniStamp by David Hu”

  1. Love the concept. My parents still own the old school stamp (family name ) and use it in Japan. The stamp we have is cylinder and made of bamboos or some sort of wooden like material.

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