Embroidered Lamp Project


As an update for this project, I decided against the below sketch as I was having complications with my LDR piece, as after multiple attempts, I could get no reading off of the input.  Ultimately, after reconsidering the input, I came up with the little sketch below.

I am more pleased with this outcome, it is a bit more fun as well.










Cartoon sketch with embroidered sketch.




I was able to use one of the example codes File > Examples > .02Digital > Button in conjunction with the description on how to tweak a basic button function found in pages 43 – 50 in the Getting Started with Arduino book.

Was able to stab that little button through the fabric directly into the breadboard.

And the reverse, to show how I secured the LED.  I just embroidered the cord directly into the design.


For this project I am exploring using an LDR to make a light detector lamp.  I am imagining a embroidered scene you can hang on a wall, which when the ambient light in the room fades, the LED “lamp” automatically turns on.

I have found this instructibles page that seems to explain the process fairly well.

Below is a quick sketch I put together today of the direction I had imagined this going.


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  1. I much prefer the new sketch over the original. It’s infinitely more personable since the button is now a wall switch. And it’s to scale, too! Nice touch!

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