The Assertive-ert

I continued to work on a 3D Privacy Device for our first Arduino projects. I also decided to continue working on the Space Creator. In this project, I used an IR sensor to sense distance and I sowed on LED lights to the shirt as the output. I was a little ambitious in the beginning as I wanted to sow on a whole message, but being a first time sower, I just decided to be short and sweet.

To make this shirt, I used conductive thread to sow on the LEDs. Becky’s LED embroidery tutorial was extremely helpful in this part. I then connected the lights to the Arduino board that holds my IR sensor. I have stitched on the board to the shirt and it’s running on a 9V battery to make it completely wireless (well kind of).

The Assertive-irt

The major issue I faced is that only part of the lights on my shirt are extremely bright. I had trouble trying to spread out the power equally over the 19 LEDs I used.