This is the edible mousetrap built in 1:4 scale. My goal was to make a humane edible mousetrap with an arduino warning system. I figured that if a mouse could read morsecode it has earned it’s stay inside the house of its choice. The mouse trap is completely made from cheddar cheese and metal paperclips and I have illustrated it’s use in two scenario comics.

In scenario one, the mouse does not understand the arduino morse-code machine. Therefore it chooses to enter the cheese mousetrap to eat all of the delicious cheese inside, thus allowing the person to slam the trap shut and lock the mouse inside.

In scenario two, the mouse has spent a considerable amount of time out at sea as a sailor. He therefore knows morsecode and can make the informed decision to not enter the trap.

The problems I had with the project was primarily how to incorporate the arduino, as mice aren’t particularly fond of blinking lights or piezo beepers. Therefore I chose to turn the arduino into a positive enforcement accessory even though the idea of a mouse knowing morse code is highly unlikely.

Inside the cheese trap there is a smaller, even more delicious piece of cheese to lure the mouse inside to allow the user to step on the upper part of the trap, thereby closing it.

This is the arduino morse code part of my project.

And this is what it looks like when you build small structures with cheese and small metal rods.

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