The Friend(ly) Light Bug

My concept is centered around peace.

Being in a program that requires you to spend all your time with 16 other people, sometimes creates a tension, and I wanted my project to promote positive behavior in the workspace.

The Friend(ly) Light Bug is a bug that you connect to your lamp and into the socket. It reacts to the sound levels of your conversation, and when it thinks you are out of control, it will flash. As soon as you calm down so does the lamp.

Watch this video to learn more!

Svala – modular night light


This is Svala.

It is a modular plush light with leds that shine but that you can’t see. It is therefore only a light that shines as if it was night – ergo, not at all.

My process started by sewing the moduls out of dense black fabric.


I combined the moduls and hung them up.


I soldered 11 LED lights in parallel.


Discovered that they worked on my first try.


And was this happy about it.


I then mounted the LED string into the moduls.



and Voila!


Daniel Rybakken Furniture Installation

Daniel Rybakken is an immensly talented lighting designer that always creates projects about natural light and the effect it has on its enviroment. He creates this so called sunlight with sheets of led lights or projections.

This is his first project that he did when he was still in school. Its a side table that projects an image of natural light shining through a close by window.

This project was to create the feeling of a sunlit window covered by blinds.