Awkward Musical Instrument with Arduino


The Arduino Pipe Organ is simple to play – lower the plunger into the pipe and you are a musician! I’d like to think if Mario and Luigi played an instrument it would be this one. The pipe is fitted with an ultrasonic distance sensor and  the plunger’s distance from the sensor determines the tone that will come out of the speaker.


Currently the pipe is programmed to play 8 notes (in the key of C) using Arduino Tone code. I am hoping to explore more notes and sounds in the future, the possibilities are endless.

I apologize for the static in this video, I am working to correct this but in the meantime here is an improvised song on the pipe organ so you can see it in action:

One thought on “Awkward Musical Instrument with Arduino”

  1. I love how you incorporate so much humor into your projects. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

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