Change a Tube/ Speak Pittsburghese/ Don’t Mix Milk With RedBull

Hi all. I decided to post a serious tutorial followed by a couple of sillier ones. The first is how to change a bike tube when you get a flat. I appreciate this video, because it tells you what to do and also what to be careful of. For instance, remembering to unhook your break calipers when taking the tire/rim off of the fork. Learning how to change tubes is really convenient and it can save you lots of money (because bike shops charge for labor and for parts).

Ok, so now for the sillier ones… This is a guide about the things that Pittsburghers say. Sometimes you will actually hear people say Yinz and Redd Up. So I think its useful…Right? Right?

Finally, Don’t mix milk with RedBull… The song is a nice touch.