Tutorial: Chinese Calligraphy

Here is my Chinese-related contribution for the week: a beginner’s tutorial on Chinese calligraphy.

This 6-minute tutorial teaches a range of subjects:
1. How to write the character 永, meaning “eternity”
2. The origin of the character’s meaning
3. The pictorial relationship between Chinese characters’ form and meaning
4. The different styles of Chinese calligraphy
5. An extra example of the script style that showcases the fluidity of Chinese calligraphy

Tutorial aside, I like the slow pace of his brush writing; it’s reflective of the calmer side of Chinese culture that often gets overlooked. In fact, Chinese calligraphy has long been considered an artful exercise, where “all reputable calligraphers in China were well educated and well read…[and] skilled in other areas, most likely painting, poetry, music, opera, martial arts, and chess.” (wikipedia)

So yeah, ancient Chinese calligraphers could write well and kick butt!

Author: David Hu

Industrial designer, specializing in consumer packaging and culturally inspired designs