Tutorial inspiration: Ombre Embroidery Sampler


For my third tutorial example, I chose one that uses embroidery skills since most tutorials I find with photos are a bit confusing. I like that this author not only lists the materials needed for the project but also has a nice picture with them all laid out. For someone who has never stepped foot in a fabric/needlepoint store, they may have no idea what “embroidery floss” is!


The directions for the stitches are labeled very clearly for a beginner and the entire process is photographed. Rather than looking intimidating this project looks like it would be very enjoyable which in my eyes is a big success.


2 thoughts on “Tutorial inspiration: Ombre Embroidery Sampler”

  1. This is a great tutorial! Especially how they explain the stitches step-by-step and cover so many different stitches. Really nice, clear images too.

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