Maker Faire Inspiration

One thing that was really inspirational among the many awesome things I observed at Marker Faire this Saturday was a panel discussion moderated by our own chair of PoD Mr. Allan Chochinov.

The panel consisted of highly regarded leaders in the design field, Carla Diana from Smart Design, Gadi Amit from New Deal Design, Jared Ficklin from Frog Design & Tad Toulis from Teague.

It was by far the most product design centric part of the faire. It was really interesting hearing about how each firm incorporates their own methods of making into their design process.

As I did a brief contract design gig with Teague back in February, it was great catching up with Tad. He also showed me a 3D printed pair of headphones designed by one of their senior designers, John Mabry. The file is available for free download via Thingiverse & the electronics may be purchased for around $25. Pretty cool.

Author: Damon Ahola

Assistant & MFA grad student attending Products of Design at School of Visual Arts.