Fixers Collective at Maker Faire

I’m sorry to say that I did not take my digital camera to Maker Faire last weekend and I have no images of a booth to contribute to this post. But I did want to write to you about an organization called the Fixers Collective from Brooklyn. If you have broken electronics or gadgets, you can take them to this group, and they will show you how to fix them. There’s a lot of value in fixing things, both by saving money on the purchase of a new item and the sense of accomplishment by restoring something you want to use. I’m really big into analog cameras, so I struck up a conversation with these fellows regarding my Mamiya M645. This camera has been having trouble advancing film to the next frame which results in double or triple exposures. There are little gears in the film back that often slip if the teeth are worn out. I’m definitely considering going to Fixer Collective space to see if I can learn how to fix this camera. I’ll post an image (below) that I took with the Mamiya when it was working properly.