Make your own notebooks!

My Instructable tutorial shows how to make your own notebooks which can save you lots of money, if you often purchase Field Note and Moleskine notebooks. Also, this tutorial gives you the basic structure of a notebook that you can personalize and make in an infinite number of ways with your choice of the cover materials, inner paper and type of string.

One thought on “Make your own notebooks!”

  1. Very nice! (And thanks for giving me one!) The paper selection for the cover is definitely the eye-catcher. Nice match with the thread, too.

    If I may make a few suggestions:
    – Remove your wedding rings for your photos (if you’re OK with that)
    – Crop some of your later photos closer to the actual notebook. Your arms and the cutting mat actually take up a lot of the image’s real estate. If you’re trying to capture the scale on the mat, then you can work closer to the mat’s corner and zoom the camera on that area only.

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