Octopus Night Light Idea

Every night I read before I go to sleep, and I’m sick of my bendy-arm reading light. It is simple and functional, but its boring design is getting old, and the arm is difficult to get into a good position.

I looked up alternative reading lights, finding some pretty silly devices, and began to think about designing a fun, plush reading light for myself.

After drawing a penguin and a few other animal-themed ideas that could sit next to me, I thought it might be fun to have a plush hat with built-in connecting arms. What better animal to create than an octopus!

The elongated tentacles make a perfect chin-strap, with a magnetic closure that connects the circuit, lighting up LEDs in its head that shine onto the book from translucent panels. I’m thinking about having multiple sets of connectors (I can have up to four total) that would turn on different colored LEDs. Or I could add LEDs to the other legs as their sucker pads. One Instructable I plan on referencing is how to make a clip-on LED reading lamp.

One thought on “Octopus Night Light Idea”

  1. Katie, this is wild! I know you’ve sketched it to be cute, but there’s something really disconcerting about an octopus sucking on one’s brain. It would rad if you made the octopus look evil, like he really was trying to eat your head. This project is all about the comforts of plush toys and reading before bed – but it would so cool to mess all those notions up with a crazy looking octopus.

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