Firefly Plush Toy

I am going to make a Firefly Plush toy with a light up bum. I want to use soft materials that so that it feels like a pillow and wings with a mesh like material. The details will be embroider stitched to give it a handmade feel. I will only need a few LEDs and a simple switch so might opt to use a coin cell battery holder. I am not sure if I want to incoporate Arduino but it would be nice to have the LEDs flickr. If I use Arduino I am considering trying RGB LEDs to play with color. Miss Becky, what do you think?


Author: cassymichel

I am a grad student in SVA's Products of Design program. I have a background in filmmaking, video editing, and design research/consumer insights. I am excited to work with my hands and make things!

3 thoughts on “Firefly Plush Toy”

  1. Hi Becky! Yes, my object is very much like a glow worm. In fact, that is why I want to do this! As a child one of my first toys was a glow worm named Glomer. When I was `0 my Mom was doing spring cleaning and packed him up with other toys to give him to the Salvation Army. My sister rescued him from this fate! Glomer is still with me to this day. I will upload a photo of him later this afternoon. So, yes I wanted to make something similar to Glomer but I decided on Firefly because this summer I went camping in upstate NY and saw fireflies! It was a really memorable trip and I want to commemorate it by making this plush toy 🙂 -Cassy

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