Ideation for Term Project.

Ideas I would like to look into are the full scale plush me with some sort of movement or lights. This could be a plush heart that lights up when in place or even a motion tracking head which rotated following the direction of moment it sees. I have looked into how I can take advantage of using the digital 3D scan/catch I already have of myself and it seems there are two suitable methods for this. 1. Stacked Slices, using 123D Make and either Laser cutting 96 Sheets of Felt on the laser cutter or 2 sheets of 4′ x 8′ 2″ thick blue-foam on the Shopbot.

2. Pepakura, the papercraft program that breaks down 3D shapes into printable, cuttable and foldable forms. I could do this on a large scale with felt to replicate my form. The image below shows what the ‘net of me’ looks like.

Another concepts is a mechanical ceiling lamp that could track a user around the room and follow them.







The spider cam used in the 2011 Rugby World Cup uses digital 3D modeling technology to achieve its location & movement. Perhaps this technology could be applied to lighting or even ceiling furniture.
“SpiderCam works using winches and cables above the playing area which allow the camera to film any position on the field.”



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