Final Project Inspiration

Thoughts for my final project started with a 3D printed or laser cut playable record. Which I found out that this guy made some for the Fisher Price record player that are pretty awesome. Check out Prosthetic Knowledge here.

I also came across this really great project where a listener can create their own song by drawing on a paper record. Check out DYSKOGRAF here.

The other idea I have is experimenting with LED’s & persistence of vision. There’s an iPhone app, which I downloaded & doesn’t really work.

The Adafruit site has some awesome examples of what is possible with LEDs & a Raspberry Pi by mounting it on a bike.

I’m going to attempt to get the same great effect by embedding LEDs into clothing (sleeves of a jacket, legs of pants, etc). Could be good for halloween costumes or running at night. I am even thinking this could be cool on gloves or brassknuckes.

Author: Damon Ahola

Assistant & MFA grad student attending Products of Design at School of Visual Arts.

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