People are Serious about Pillows

Risk #1: Overtechify


Can you believe the speaker pillow on the right costs almost $500? And the one on the left has a worse speaker than may cell phone from 2005. Pillowmakers, make pillows, leave the HQ music to the pros.

Risk #2: Take yourself too seriously


Changing behaviors is a natural part of being a designer, but that doesn’t mean I won’t laugh at you if you walk in wearing a ponchillo. 

Risk 3: Make it do everything


It does everything? Really? Just what I was hoping for, a pillow with more functionality! My pillows at home are sooooo booooring.

YES: Be honest and playful


It’s what follows the “Ahh” or “Haha” that really counts: “Ahh, that makes so much sense” vs. “Ahh, I would never use that” or “Haha, that is so cute” vs. “Haha, what a kitchy piece of junk” is all the difference in the world.

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